Spread Your Love With Stories You Can Wear

February 14th – You Either Love It Or Love To Hate It

This year I chose to embrace all the gooey, mushy, feel good aspects of Valentine’s Day, maybe it’s because the world needs just a little bit more love or maybe just maybe there is a special someone that made my smile just a little brighter today. Who knows – either way  I figured there was no better way to spread the love than by wearing a shirt that might make even the sourest of humans break a smile.

Not to mention “the snuggle was real” today. Hard emphasis on snuggle. Aubrey and I are always looking for new cozy graphics shirts we can either dress up or dress down – so when we stumbled upon Thread Tank we were so excited!

The Thread Tank is all about wearing your story, whether you’re feeling sassy, happy, sad, or even motivational they’ve got a shirt for you. Trust me, I spent at least 45 minutes trying to decide exactly which shirts I wanted. (Yes, I said shirt”s” plural, I just couldn’t help myself).

What I love about these shirts are that they’re not only personal, extremely cozy but they’re also easy to style. You can wear them to sleep in, around the house, or if you’re lucky enough to work at a place like I do, then you can wear them to work with jeans! Then throw on a jacket and some booties and you’ve got yourself a cute/casual happy hour outfit!


PS. I’ll just leave this picture of Stella Mae right here!


Happy Valentine’s Day – XO B & Stella Mae



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