Spring Fever in February?


DISCLAIMER: It is February 19th and I am writing a post about some of my favorite spring trends – THIS IS EXCITING. I may be a little antsy or maybe it’s the fact that it’s been 70 degrees ALL WEEKEND.

Don’t get me wrong, I’ve always been a big fan of winter, the big chunky sweaters and cozy boots – but I will admit I do love the change in seasons we experience here in KC! However I didn’t expect to be enjoying 70-degree weather in the middle of February, but don’t you worry, I took full advantage of it!

Yesterday was beautiful – not a cloud in the sky and the sweet smell of spring lingered in the air (even if was temporary). It was a perfect day to pull out some of the spring boxes and see what had been packed away for the winter.

Keep in mind that I am a firm believer in buying spring clothes even after winter starts (that is when the best deals are happening).  Might sound crazy but let me tell you, when those winter blues hit you’re going to wish you had some spring clothes to admire even if it just to prance around the house in.

I’ve been in love with off the shoulder pieces since forever so I will be wearing this trend for as long as I can. The thing I love about this specific top is that it’s long sleeved so it gives off the spring vibe while still being warm enough for chilly weather! Off the shoulder tops are also extremely versatile – easy to dress up or dress down not to mention they allow you to feel sassy yet still conservative (if you get my drift).

This weather is also my favorite time to whip out my boyfriend jeans. These jeans have been with me for quite some time and every year I buy a new pair (however, that doesn’t mean the old ones get thrown away…). The ones in the picture have been with me for a good 5 years, I recommend everyone getting a pair of these. They are so comfy and can be worn with anything!  I wear them when I’m running errands or even when I go out with the girls and they wash so nice for how inexpensive they are!

Lastly, my booties – nothing completes an outfit better than a good comfy pair of booties. I would like to say it was easy for me to decide on shoes but that would be a lie. I might possibly have a shoe problem (thanks mom…) however this pair is one of my favorites and with this weather I felt it was the perfect time to debut them.

So with that being said – go grab your spring boxes put on some good music and get rid of those winter blues. There is nothing wrong with a little modeling in front of the mirror; don’t worry we all love to do it.

Below I have posted my outfit details – some of the links are to the newer versions of my pieces (remember, I like to buy my clothes when winter starts – bargain shopper right here!). Also, feel free to leave comments, suggestions and/or questions – I love hearing from you beautiful humans!


TOP: Contemporary Striped Top (Forever 21 – $15.90 – Similar Version)
PANTS: Distressed Boyfriend Jeans (Forever 21 – $29.90)
SHOES: Strappy Booties (Target – $49.99 – Newer Version)


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