Bootay Bootay Rockin’ Everywhere



Valentine’s Day may be over – BUT that doesn’t mean that the need for cute undies should disappear! In fact I’m a firm believer in buying new ones as often as possible – they can do magical things. I don’t know what it is but if I’m rockin’ a cute outfit and I’ve got a cute pair of undies on underneath I feel extra sassy!

I’ve always been a sucker for undies especially ones that you don’t see everywhere else! Now, I will admit I’m guilty of buying them from Victoria Secret but I’m a fan of that fact that everyone and their mother gets their undies there – so it’s not totally out of the question to have an awkward encounter with someone while browsing the “intimate” section in Victoria Secret (this might have happened to me before…).

So when Aubrey and I came across BootayBag you could say we were pretty stoked! Not only do you get two new pairs of panties every month for $12 – they are always NEW styles and designs AND they’re tailored to your individual style preference. So if you prefer all thongs, mix it up, or a little bit more coverage, they’ve got you covered!

I was already excited about getting cute new undies in the mail but when they arrived it was like Christmas morning. BootayBag ships your goodies to you inside a cute little bag that you can see in the picture above – and don’t even get me started on the actual panties themselves! They run true to size (which is a big plus when ordering online), the material they are made with is extremely reliable and long lasting and they are down right adorable! What more could you ask for?

Oh you want more? Well y’all know I’m also a big fan on brands giving back and BootayBag ALSO does that. They care about our community as much as I do, and with every picture posted with the hashtag #undermatters on social media, BootayBag will donate one dollar to the Melanoma Foundation! – MAKES ME EVEN MORE OBSESSED!

Be sure to check them out – and feel free to ask me any questions! I’m the undie QUEEN and would love to hear from all you beautiful humans!





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