Taming the Lion’s Mane


I take a lot of pride in taking care of my hair – maybe it’s due to the fact that it was dyed black out of a $8 drug store box for three years or maybe it’s simply the fact that I am 24 years old and have decided to take better care of myself – Regardless I am always looking for new quality hair care products to help maintain healthy hair. Aubrey was actually the one who stumbled upon Triesta Organics (YAS QUEEN!) and shared her find with me – I’ve been hooked ever since.

The first thing that sold me with Triesta was how convenient their products are. They make taking care of your hair simple and honestly enjoyable. With their four step process I am constantly reassured that I’m doing everything I can do take care of my hair. I know this sounds silly but trust me you’ve only got one head of hair and if you abuse it for as long as I did you can only hope it will forgive you for the mistakes you’ve made (a little dramatic but true).

  • The Triesta Organic Process:
    • STEP 1: Clarifying Treatment
      • For some people this might seem optional but I consider this one of the more important steps. This treatment preps your hair for the following steps and also removes any build-up or toxins from an afternoon workout or just leftover product from earlier in the day! I think of this as a magic eraser that preps your hair for a good clean wash!
    • STEP 2: Moisturizing Shampoo
      • Next comes shampooing your hair! The first thing I noticed about Triesta’s shampoo is the lack of suds and bubbles – some might find this odd but I actually enjoy it. The shampoo is light and easy to wash out – leaving your hair extremely clean and with no residue left behind!
    • STEP 3: Moisturizing Conditioner
      • The last step while in the shower is conditioning your hair! I only use a dab of this conditioner (it goes a long way). The thing I love about this conditioner is the way it leaves your hair feeling – it’s soft and smooth without leaving it greasy. I struggle with keeping my hair from getting greasy so I’ve always leaned towards the lighter conditioners and Triesta does exactly that!
    • STEP 4: Blow Dry Styling Gel
      • Lastly which I think is a BONUS is Triesta’s Blow Dry Styling Gel – I always feel as though I need some type of product when styling my hair but I never want to use anything too heavy or thick because it leaves my hair feeling weighed down. Triesta has perfected their styling gel and I’ve quickly become obsessed!


Overall I give Triesta products a 5 out of 5 – I love that it’s a one stop shop where I can get every high quality product that I need to perfect my look! I also love the way my hair feels even after using these products only a handful of times! I would recommend trying these out if you’re looking for an all inclusive process to treat your hair with. I can’t wait to see how my hair looks and feels after a longer period of time – I’ll be sure to share any more thoughts or details that might come up! In the meantime please feel free to let me know what your thoughts are or if you have any comments or questions! I love hearing from you beautiful humans!




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