Fab Four of the Week! #1

Because I’m always searching for new things at the grocery store/online, and trying new products, I thought, what better way to share them with you all, than to blog each week about some of the new things I’ve tried lately? So here we are, my “fab four of the week”! Every week I’ll be doing a post on my current favorite four products in hopes that you’ll want to try some of them as well!

I want to start off by saying this – we are sent so many different products to try/review/post about, but we are not paid for any of them. That being said, I can tell you with confidence that all of my opinions are completely honest! I wouldn’t share something with you if I didn’t truly eat it/like it, so know that I’m sharing these products with you solely because I love them, not because I’m trying to sell you something.


R.e.d.d. Superfood Energy Bars – These bars are amazing. They’re gluten free, non dairy, non GMO, soy free and AMAZING. Bianca agreed with me on this one, it’s one of our favorites! I am a self proclaimed protein bar fanatic, so I am not exaggerating when I say I’ve tried every single protein bar there ever was and this is definitely pretty high on my all time favorites list!

What’s different about these bars is that their protein source isn’t a whey protein like most protein bars, it’s pumpkin seed protein. Whey proteins can sometimes cause bloating or that “super full” feeling after eating a protein bar, but with these, I felt great. Full, but not too full! On the protein note, I will say, this bar contains only 10 grams of protein which is a little low for me, but it’s a great option for when you’re in a pinch or need something to curb your sweet tooth!

What I also loved about this bar is that it doesn’t have the “protein-y” after taste/texture. It’s perfectly sweet without tasting fake sweet, and that’s because there are no artificial sweeteners, just huge dark chocolate chips, which might be the best part! And on top of the list of amazing ingredients and great flavor, it also contains caffeine! A perfect option for me because I workout after I’ve been at school all day, so it’s exactly what I need when I hit that afternoon slump! I have tried all four flavors and I loved every single one, but the oatmeal was my favorite. Go check them out!


Perfect Bar – Okay I will be completely honest here. I first saw these floating around Instagram, and decided to go to Whole Foods to try them for myself, however when I saw the price, I freaked. I told myself there was no way I was paying that much for a protein bar (around $3/bar). But after telling myself I had just driven all the way to whole foods specifically for this protein bar, I decided to go ahead and buy two.

Well, unfortunately, I should’ve never done that, because I now can’t imagine not eating them. Their texture is unlike any other protein bar I’ve ever had. It’s so creamy and smooth and full of nut butter, it’s perfect. There are a variety of flavors, but the fruit flavored bars contain huge chunks of dried fruit which gives the bar an extra sweet kick. These bars have zero “protein” taste to them, and no artificial sweetener after taste, because there aren’t any! I can hardly pick a favorite because I’ve loved every single one I’ve tried, but blueberry cashew is my go-to right now!

What I love about these bars is not only the flavor and the amount of protein they pack (anywhere from 8-17 grams/bar), but it’s also the ingredients. Just like the Redd bars, Perfect Bars contain no artificial ingredients and are sweetened with organic honey and dates. The other unique thing about this bar is the fact that they’re kept in the refrigerator. So if you’re out looking for them, be sure to check the refrigerated section first! This is because they’re made with such fresh ingredients, the best way to preserve the flavor and freshness is to keep them in the fridge! I thought it was odd at first, and now after having them, it makes me want to keep all my protein bars in the fridge!

I will say this about the cost – when I was first looking for them, they weren’t on sale, and just this past week when I was at Whole Foods, they were on sale 2 for $4 which is pretty reasonable for a protein bar, so watch for sales and stock up!


Oats Overnight – These oat packets make overnight oats so incredibly convenient and easy to make, and I don’t know that I’ll be able to go back to making my own overnight oats ever again! Doing it without these packets means pulling out a bunch of different ingredients, measuring them, and putting them together. However with Oats Overnight, you simply dump the packet into their blender bottle, add 8 ounces of milk, and you’re done! Stick it in the fridge overnight and wake up to a creamy, flavorful, filling batch of overnight oats! It takes all of 30 seconds!

Their packets contain four basic ingredients, oats, whey (a protein enhanced with maca root – a superfood!), chia seeds, and flax seeds. I have tried all three flavors and the strawberries and cream took the cake for me! It was sweet without being too sweet, and I love the strawberry flavor!

These oat packets keep me incredibly full, and there’s no question as to how, because they contain up to 34 grams of protein (depending on the type of milk you use)! I can pretty much guarantee whatever breakfast you’re eating right now does not contain 34 grams of protein, so this is a great option to start your day with a ton of protein and a slow digesting carb, keeping you full until lunch time!


Further Food Collagen – Collagen is an unflavored protein powder that in addition to adding protein to whatever you mix it in, has an unending list of health benefits. Just to name a few, it helps curb sugar cravings, improves digestion, and helps joint pain and stiffness. You can put it in virtually anything and everything. I put it in my coffee every single morning! Here’s what I do:

I blend all the ingredients in a Ninja (you can use any blender), for about 10 seconds on high, and voila! Pour it into a mug and you’re all set. The collagen makes it super frothy, and it completely dissolves extremely well, making it very smooth and rich.

Coffee on its own obviously has no protein in it, but blending your coffee with just one scoop of Further Collagen gives it a 9 gram protein boost, with only 29 calories. I’ve tried it in yogurt, protein shakes, tea, you name it. I have just recently started incorporating it into some baked goodies which I will be sharing very soon!

Check back next week for more of my current faves!







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