Where It All Started …

I feel like part of getting to know me better as a blogger means getting to know me a little more personally, and part of that, is learning about what sparked my passion and how I got into the world of health, fitness, and now blogging. It’s important to know that this wasn’t something that developed overnight, but rather something that’s been building for a few years now.

I like to think that I have always been fairly healthy. For as long as I can remember, working out has been a priority to me, and I’ve always paid close attention to what I’m eating. However, this unfortunately does NOT mean that I don’t have the biggest sweet tooth on this planet (Nothing Bundt Cakes – if you’d like me to do any product reviews, let me know!), or that I don’t indulge in pizza, happy hour, or ice cream every Sunday, etc., because those of you who know me, know that I most definitely do!

I started becoming interested in health and fitness towards the end of high school, but probably like many of you, not for the right reasons. I struggled in high school because I always wanted to be “thinner” … whatever that means. I was never overweight or even close, but I always ideally wanted to lose 5-10lbs. There were prom dresses to squeeze into, senior spring break bikinis to try on, etc. In reality, I was at my lowest weight then, so thinking back on it now, I realize how crazy and distorted my perspective was, but unfortunately, that’s the reality of high school for many teenage girls.

After that, I went to college and probably went a little workout crazy, trying to make up for the excess liquid calories, and post liquid calorie-calorie consumption on the weekends at Whataburger, Papa Johns, etc. All through college I was extremely conscious of what I was eating, but it was hard to maintain a healthy diet when there was an opportunity for $1 margaritas on Wednesdays, Jimmy Johns after going out on Saturdays, and a birthday dinner every week, it seemed. I quickly realized, you can’t binge eat and drink two out of every seven days, and hope to balance it out with five days of healthy eating and working out. It just doesn’t work. All that to say, I enjoyed every minute of college and wouldn’t trade it for the world. I would never advise someone to give up their college experience just to maintain a strict healthy lifestyle. It’s all about that “balance” thing, which will become a key part of many future blog posts I’m sure!

Although I had some ups and downs throughout college when it came to my eating/workout habits, it was those four years when the health and nutrition spark was truly lit for me. I was student teaching, had a full load of classes, and on top of that, sorority responsibilities that often seemed like a full time job. The craziness of my five day week forced me to learn how to meal prep. And let me tell you, I have it down to a freaking science. More on that later too!

Not only did I learn how to meal prep in college, but I also learned how to “track my macros”. That term may be foreign to many of you, but if you know anything about nutrition, you’ve surely heard of this before. I did a full blog post here but in short, tracking macros means that you’ve calculated a certain number of grams of protein, fats, and carbs for your own personal daily intake. This number is calculated a variety of different ways, but the simplest way is by using an online macro calculator. You plug in a series of numbers, your age, height, current weight, activity level, and your weight loss/gain goal, and it spits out your magical macro numbers. From there, you use my fitness pal to plug in your food for the day and try to come as close as you can to hitting your macro numbers.

The other part of my “spark” that was lit in college, was the fitness aspect. I did some research, and came to the conclusion that after four years of 30 minutes on the elliptical every day, that “workout” just wasn’t going to cut it for me anymore. That may not be the case for everyone, but it wasn’t giving me the results I wanted and it made me dread coming to the gym. I started researching and learning about HIIT workouts, Kayla Itstines BBG workouts, strength training splits, you name it. I started putting some of my research to the test, and as a result, I started to love coming to the gym again. Not only that, but I liked the way the workouts made me feel! They truly challenged me, and I loved the way my body was changing. Thus, the fitness aspect of our blog!

So, that’s how my passion has grown, and it has only continued to grow and become a bigger part of my life post-grad. I am so excited to be able to share my knowledge with you, learn with you, and hopefully inspire you a little bit here and there! Thanks for reading!

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