Just for Hair – 5 Summer Hair Trends


I’m afraid to say what I’m about to say in fear that I might jinx the weather BUT it’s been beautiful in KC the last couple of days – Sunny & 70’s! It’s really starting to feel like SPRING and I’m so excited!

As some of you may know on Friday I decided to chop all my hair off!!! AHHHH! I know, I called my salon and I told my self that if they could get me in last minute it was a sign to cut my hair (I’m a little weird when it comes to things like that, bare with me) so they said if I could be at the salon in 15 minutes they had an opening so that was it – I was going through with it! Within 5 minutes of being at the salon I was 8 inches lighter and feeling more ready for Spring than ever and I couldn’t be happier with the results thanks to Paisley Stripe Salon! (I have been to both Cherilyn and Erin and would recommend them both in a heart beat).

Anyways, on to the important part – I had been thinking about chopping my hair for a while now and I realized that subconsciously I had seen short hair everywhere lately. Hair trends change on the daily but it’s quite prevalent the amount of celebrities rocking the short/medium length lobs and bobs! So I figured it might be helpful to see some of the most popular spring/summer hair trends that you’ll be seeing throughout this season – and I’m EXTREMELY excited about this whole high ponytail business that’s making a comeback!

First on our list is –



Two trends that I have nailed on the head with my new hair style –
“flat waves & bold chops”. Flat waves are my fave – I’ve always been a fan of these types of curls/waves – it’s my go to hair style especially now that I have short hair because it takes me about 7 minutes. These are the types of curls you get with a straightener – I will be posting a tutorial in the next few weeks demonstrating how to get these but always remember curl away from your face and pull the straightener through towards the ends. Another important tip is to go back through and run the straightener through the bottom couple of inches of your hair just to get that more relaxed feel! Bold chops are huge this season celebrities everywhere are chopping their gorgeous locks and opting into a more light airy feel and now that I’ve done it I don’t blame them! During the summer months it’s so nice to not have all that hair when the temperatures start to get hot and you’re trying your best to look pretty even when underneath it all you feel like dying of heat stroke! Keep and eye out, won’t be hard to spot either of these two trends!


Like I said above this is a trend that I’m definitely not mad about – except I might have a bit of a hard time with this trend now that I’m 8 inches lighter! BUT if you choose to stick with long flowy style this trend will be your best friend throughout the Spring/Summer months! This allows you some breathing air with all that hair while also maintaining your style – not to mention it’s something fun and different. There are a million ways to dress up and style a pony tail. NEVER FORGET Serena Van Der Woodsen *QUEEN OF HIGH PONYTAILS – if you need some inspiration turn on some Gossip Girl and you’re bound to find her rockin’ one! While sleek & shiny are another trend that seems to be quite visible this season I’m always a sucker for a high messy ponytail! Again this is something that takes minimal effort and can make you look red carpet ready in a few short minutes! NEVER rule out the high ponytail!



This is another trend that I’m stoked about – I mentioned above how the sleek & shiny look is popular this season and this style just proves that. I feel as though for a couple of years people strayed away from straighteners – wanting the more natural look or those tight curls. Well friends, this a trend that I’m on board with – I love the sleek professional look that this creates! Not to mention you can obtain this look fairly easily and in not to much time depending on the length and thickness of your hair! This will be my substitute style when I get bored of my flat waves and want to try something new (you will learn I like change a lot and I tend to show it in my fashion and beauty – a girl can never have just one look). This is a trend that doesn’t need lots of product or styling just a good ol’ straightener and you’re on your way.



Last but not least – bangs. I’ve always been afraid of this word and I am jealous of all the beautiful humans out there that have the face for them – unfortunately I do not. However this messy “fringe” look is on a spike. I feel like people are toying with the idea of bangs and are doing so but getting that long messy fringe look so it’s not such a drastic classic “straight across look”. Bangs can be such a fun accessory when it comes to hair styles and if you can rock em’ them rock em’ – I envy people like you. I think Lily Collins looks fantastic in this picture and I would suggest these bangs on anyone who prefers bangs. I feel as though this ads a little edge – making the bangs a bit more sexier and playful than the normal classic look! Trust me when I say – bangs are here to stay!

Clearly simple and easy is what everyone is going for this season and let me tell you I’m not mad about it – it’s nice to see some hair styles that are easily attainable become what’s “hot”! Don’t get me wrong I love to get all dolled up but these are more practical for the hotter months and I’m stoked! Obviously these trends spans all across the board so all in all rock whatever you want and you’re going to be looking good! Long hair, short hair, wavy hair or straight hair this season we’re going to see it all and I can’t wait!

I hope you humans enjoyed my post and if you need that little bit of courage to go through with your cut or maybe you’re thinking about adding some color – or maybe you’re not sure what you want you just know you want some change… PLEASE contact me I’d love to chat and I love helping people take that step! I know it’s just hair, but is it really just hair? It’s yours and you can do whatever you please to it BUT most importantly REMEMBER it’s will ALWAYS grow back 🙂




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