Simply Workout

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This tank is so soft and comfy, I am not ashamed to say I’ve not only worked out wearing it, but I’ve slept in in a time or two, too! There is no shirt more fitting for me than one about avocado toast, so when Simply Workout gave me one shirt to pick – this was a no brainer! It fits more like a crop top, so I sized up for a longer fit! Be sure to check out the Simply Workout Warehouse Sale, going on until tomorrow night!


I have no words for these pants. They’re dreamy in every way. We all need a little high waisted action in our lives, I don’t care who you are. The waistband covers everything we want to be covered, but it also keeps these pants from going anywhere. They stay in one place no matter what workout you’re doing, and they’re tight in all the right places. They move with you, they’re breathable, and I’ve decided I need them in every color. These were long on me, so I would definitely suggest trying them on in the store, even if you have other Lulu pants!


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