Say YES to the Dress…

…or at least say yes to the dress that you’ll be wearing to attend the next wedding that you’ve managed to get invited too! It’s that time of the year again – when the wedding invites just keep flowing in.

I feel like I’ve reached that age where every time I check my mail I’m getting another envelope with pretty calligraphy handwriting addressed to Ms. Bianca Fugate!

Don’t get me wrong, I love weddings – friends, people loving each other and usually an open bar .. sounds magical right? Right! However with wedding invites comes the task of picking out what to wear to said weddings.

On that note and because I have a wedding I’m attending in 3 weeks – I’ve laid out some of my tips and tricks to help me tackle the stressful job of figuring out your perfect wedding outfit – THAT ISN’T WHITE. I REPEAT DON’T EVER WEAR WHITE.


    In fact it’s quite the opposite – people are getting married and celebrating their love we don’t need the guests looking as though they are attending a funeral. I always opt for a fun pattern usually something floral especially in the spring/summer months! AND I WILL SAY THIS AGAIN – don’t ever show up to someone else’s wedding in all white, or for that matter “mostly” white. It’s not your day, one day it will be or maybe it already has been but TODAY isn’t it, it’s the Bride’s (I’ll get to that later). Sticking with something that is fun colored and easy, you want to be cute and show your style but you MOST CERTAINLY do not want to stand out in pictures as “that girl” who wore “that dress”. So when in doubt pick floral patterns – I’m telling you, you can never go wrong with floral prints especially in these months!

Secondly, ALWAYS remember this isn’t your day – it’s the Bride’s. The good thing is usually if you are attending the wedding you know the Bride, so wear something that you know she would approve of. The last thing you need is to make a statement where a statement shouldn’t be made. This tip is more about respecting the bride – I will never forget attending one of my best friend’s weddings and her grandmother showed up in an ALL WHITE Pantsuit – I SWEAR you could hear the whole church grasp as she walked down the isle to get seated in the FRONT ROW. OH dear lord – don’t be her. To be safe – I stay away from anything with a lot of white, there are a ton of options out there and no need to even play with the line of what is acceptable!

This is probably one of the more important rules – not to mention this will decide the guidelines when trying to find an outfit! For spring/summer weddings the possibility for outside weddings is greater. If the wedding is outside the dress code tends to be a little more laid back. For instance I’m going to a wedding in 3 weeks where the ceremony is in a church and the reception is outside. Thus, I’ve decided to go with the floral dress pictured in the blog paired with lace up sandals. With outside weddings I would say “nice” sandals or wedges are appropriate. Also with outside weddings dresses tend to be a bit more casual more beachy/summer vibes versus the “Cocktail Attire” that is labeled on some invites. If you do get so lucky to attend a wedding with Cocktail Attire/Black Tie – have fun with it! Dress up with some heels and a fun dress that doesn’t get worn very often! When in doubt – check the invite, that is the first place to start when deciding on what will best suite this wedding!

This goes back to reading the invite – picking your shoes is all based on a couple of facts. 1. How fancy is the wedding? 2. Where is the ceremony and reception going to be held? 3. Most importantly how comfortable do you want to be? (Remember, you will be dancing for hours on end – at least that’s how I celebrate!) Let’s start with the first one – if the wedding is Black Tie it’s important you wear heels, now if the wedding is Cocktail attire (which is most popular in the spring/summer months) than you have a little bit more say in the shoes. Number two – like I mentioned above if the ceremony is outside you probably aren’t going to want to wear heels that will sink into the ground – that’s when I would opt in the for a pair of thick wedges or even some fancy sandals! (For me, I’m wearing the maxi dress so my shoes aren’t as important as if I was wearing a shorter cocktail dress). Third and definitely most important – you don’t want to be miserable. With that being said, wear a shoe that you will be able to be in for at least 5 hours comfortably. Take it from this girl who almost passed out during my brother’s wedding ceremony because my shoes were so uncomfortable. BE COMFORTABLE.


Last but not least, be unique and fun! Remember these pictures will be around forever, even if you aren’t “besties” with these people they’re still wedding pictures and they’ll always be hung up on someone else’s wall. Remember that when debating between the “cute” vs. “sexy” dress. Even if you’re trying to have that wedding hookup – the sexy dress is never the right option for a wedding. Too many parents, grandparents, children and other guests who don’t want to see your parts once you start dancing. You’ll thank me later. But on that note – have fun. Like I said from the beginning – weddings are a time for celebration, love and friends/family so enjoy that and do so in a cute dress that you feel good in and REMEMBER one day it will be YOUR SPECIAL DAY and you’ll wish certain people knew how to dress appropriately for weddings.

I hope these little tricks will make your life a little easier. If there is anything that I didn’t touch on that you would like another opinion about – please feel free to ask! I would say that I would start at smaller boutiques – they tend to have the best spring/summer dresses during this time! If those places don’t work then you can move on to the bigger stores like Forever 21, Nordstrom, etc. But like I said before you want to be unique and you’ve got a better chance of finding that at a boutique!

*Never be afraid to buy a good wedding “attendee” dress if you’re out and about and come across one. YOU WILL ALWAYS HAVE ANOTHER WEDDING – THEY’RE NEVER ENDING.




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