If you’re lucky…

If you’re lucky…you’ll find someone like Aubrey. She won’t just be a friend or even a best friend she’ll be your human & your family. She’ll laugh with you (maybe even at you when you deserve it), she’ll cry with you, she’ll comfort you when you need a good cry (especially when it comes to family issues because she’ll understand) and most importantly she’ll always be there for you. She’s the person that you can go days, even weeks without talking to, yet you still somehow understand she’s only a phone call away.

Eight years ago I was the lonely new girl in school and despite my black hair and nose ring you took me in and made me feel like I had a friend. You’ll never know just how much that simple gesture meant and little did we know we’d be graduated from college, living together & blogging about our lives together. Oh how we’ve come such a long way and I wouldn’t change a thing – there is no one else I would rather go through life’s ups and downs with.


We’ve said goodbyes – spent four years at different colleges, went through a million great days and a handful of bad days and yet we ended up here.. right where we belong. I never knew a friendship could be this strong until I met you and I’m so grateful that I did. They always say people come into your life for a reason and now I understand why.

You are seriously one of a kind – you inspire me everyday to be a better human and each day you continue to amaze me. From working with 15 kindergarten nuggets on a daily basis – to balancing your career, friendships, relationship, family time and everything in between you deserve nothing but the best and somehow I know your 24th year will outshine your 23rd.


Today you turn 24 years young and I thank God every day that 24 years ago you were born – because if not I’d probably be lost and I definitely wouldn’t be writing this blog post. So today is meant for celebrating you and knowing us we probably already have an extra large margarita in our hand (especially since we’re spending the weekend in Dallas).

But to you Aubs – I love you with my whole heart and I’m so happy to have such a sweet loving soul in my life that I can call my best friend. To many more laughs, and a lot more tears, to bottles of wine and endless amounts of bundt cakes, to experiencing life’s adventures, to weddings and babies and everything in between. But most importantly to us – I love our friendship and I love you.

Happy Birthday Aubrey!

PS. You’re stuck with me for life and don’t you ever forget it.



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