What’s Inside Our April Ellie Box?


This month, Bianca and I both received Ellie Boxes so we wanted to share with you what was inside, as well as our thoughts on the subscription and what it entails! I’m not typically a huge fan of subscription boxes, but seeing as though 75% of my wardrobe is active wear, this is a box I’m totally into!

What is Ellie Box?

Ellie Box is a subscription box containing a mix of active wear items and accessories. With the subscription, you get one box per month containing five items, for $45.95. Each month the box contains a sports bra, top, capris/leggings, some type of accessory and a piece of equipment.

What I love about this subscription box:

  • You get to preview the box 5 days before it’s shipped! I’m talking pictures, videos, etc. You get to see exactly what the items are and how they look on an actual person!
  • You can skip an order! You’re never sent anything without your approval, so if you’re not super crazy about what the box contains that month, just skip it and wait for the next one!
  • There are additional items you can choose to purchase for your box in addition to the five items it already includes, and these items are usually listed around 70% off of the retail price.
  • Unlike many subscription boxes on the market right now, Ellie offers free cancellation, no questions asked. You can cancel your box and will not be charged as long as it’s five days before your bill date.

What was in our April box?

  • Bally Criss-Cross Sports Bra
    • This bra is seamless so it’s incredibly comfortable, and there’s no denying how cute the back detailing is. It’s definitely made for women with a smaller chest, so I won’t be wearing it for any high intensity workouts, but it’s perfect for a more casual/athleisure look!

IMG_8267 (1)

  • Marika Two Way Top
    • This fluorescent pink top is to die for. The color is the perfect pop of pink for my typically all black gym uniform. I also love the fact that it can be worn two ways. The back is split so you can either tie it up, or leave it down! It’s lightweight and has mesh throughout the back so it’s super breathable!


  • Zobha Hair Ties
    • These hair ties are great for wearing to the gym if you’re working out before work, or heading somewhere after you’re done! They’re seamless and don’t leave that awful post-pony tail crease in your hair!

IMG_1391 (1)

  • Marika Headband
    • I wear headbands to the gym all the time, and I’ve tried so many different ones that I’ve lost track. I have such an issue with headbands slipping off or not staying in place when I run/workout. This headband didn’t move whatsoever. It’s incredibly stretchy and it doesn’t pull your hair at all. I want 100 of these!


  • Marika Crops
    • These crops. I’m in love. I’ve been wanting crops similar to this for such a long time, but I haven’t been able to find any I like or that fit. If you’ve never worn Marika before, believe me when I say they’re some of the softest and most comfortable workout pants you’ll ever own. They don’t sag, they don’t stretch too much, and they stay tight in all the right places. The detailing on these is adorable and would spice up any workout look!


  • Bally Magnetic Towel
    • Seeing as though I go to Planet Fitness to workout, where there are no towels, I was thrilled this was included in this month’s box. I hate having to use a paper towel to wipe my equipment down, and I’ve been looking for a towel for awhile now, but everything I’ve liked has been $20+ or the size of a beach towel. Not only is this soft, effective, and the perfect size, but it’s magnetic! I stick this on the wall of my locker while I’m doing cardio and grab it on my way to the weights. Then, instead of having to lay the towel on the dirty gym floor, you can stick it on a machine until you’re done! I love it!


Would I buy the Ellie Box?

For someone who wears active wear at some point every single day, I would absolutely buy an Ellie box subscription. I spend at least $45 on active wear every month anyway, and I would’ve spent well above $45 had I purchased all these items separately. I think the quality is great, and I loved everything I got! I also love the fact that they make it convenient for you to bypass a box when you don’t want one, which is something not many subscription box companies do.

I love picking out active wear for myself, but I definitely think it’s fun to be sent something that’s somewhat of a surprise. And who knows, they may end up sending something you’ve been wanting all along anyway!

Click here if you’re interested in ordering one of your own!




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