Moms, Dads, Weddings & More!

It’s that time of year again – the sun is shining, the birds are chirping, moms & dads are being celebrated and weddings are being planned! Ever since May started I feel like the festivities haven’t stopped. I know beauty and fashion are my forte but I take pride in my gift giving skills.

I’m constantly on the look out for new, fun, creative gifts for any occasion. With mom’s day right around the corner I figured I’d share my secrets on finding the best gifts. If your mom is like mine she is the worlds hardest human to shop for… she basically has everything she needs and she never wants me to spend money on her. However she’s my mom and she always deserves something – even if it’s little.

this one to upload

This year I stumbled upon some cute little trinket items that I know she’ll love – these are the gifts she likes the most. Let’s start with the adorable card – I’m a sucker for anything unique and different especially in the card department simply because cards can be so meaningful and fun if you find the right one. Aubs and I stumbled upon a gold mine – Bloomwolf Studio! All of their cards are hand made, different and so much fun!  I definitely recommend checking them out!

The next thing I came across was this little “trinket tray” that says “BEST MOM EVER!” – well obviously that’s an understatement for my mom but it will have to do. I found this in the home department of Nordstrom and I came home and scoped out their website and instantly fell in love. The brand is called Natural Life and their gifts and trinkets are perfect gift giving ideas. This tray was only $15 and I’m obsessed!

The last thing I included was Sugarfina Champagne Bears – this is a little inside joke between my mom and I so when I saw these I knew I had to get them for her! But little candies are always nice to throw into a gift and these add a little bit of spunk to the original candy idea. For those of you who aren’t familiar these little gummy bears are filled full of champagne! And Sugarfina has a handful of other candies that are liquored up!

The best part of it all is that this whole Mother’s Day package that I made ended up because about $30 – obviously I would love to spend more but a girls gotta work with what she’s got! These little gifts always make my mom feel the most special because she knows I have fun picking them out and I always hit the nail right on the head with these little gifts!

So as you can see all three of these websites have little gifts for all occasions – with Father’s Day coming up in June and Wedding Season approaching it’s always helpful to have a couple of these websites on hand for a quick turnaround! I hope these gift ideas come in handy next time you’re stumped on what to get a loved one or someone special – another tip I’ll add is that if you ever see something cute while shopping grab it and store it for later! You can never have too many little gifts ready to be given away at the drop of hat! Surprise invitations are the best – especially when you’re prepared!





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