To Spray Tan or Not to Spray Tan…

…this is the question I always ask myself when I find myself too pale before a big event! Take for instance the wedding I’m going to this weekend – it’s that awkward time of the year where you haven’t had time to lay out and get that “natural” tan glow yet but you’re expected to wear summer clothing, so what do you do?

Well I decided to get a spray tan, BUT it was after much thought that I decided to go through with it. I have only ever had 2 other spray tans (both for weddings where I was a bridesmaid) but this time it was different because the previous times I got them in Wichita and I only went because that’s where everyone else had gone.

This time I had to find a place on my own and I had to go through the experience all by myself. (I know it doesn’t seem like a tough experience, and it isn’t – however it can be a bit awkward) Standing in front of a stranger basically naked if not fully naked (depending on your preference) getting all limbs and crevices sprayed with bronze coloring. This can be an odd experience if you don’t find the right person.

Like I said, the two times before I was with a group of girls so I wasn’t as worried and if I turned out orange so did all 7 seven other girls. This time I was out of luck if I turned out looking like I was about to compete in a body building competition or maybe like I had just stepped out of Willy Wonka as an extra Oompa Loompa…

When trying to find a salon my number one tip of advice is referrals or personal experiences. It would be hard for me to go get a spray tan by randomly picking a salon and booking an appointment.

Take for example – I had been thinking about getting one done so I went to YELP and read some reviews (however I’m still a little iffy about YELP as well simply because you’re not sure who is the face behind the post) but I started there. In my case I got lucky because I had a meeting with someone and she had mentioned how she just got a spray tan for her trip to Mexico and she looked GREAT!

I asked her for the information and booked my appointment the next day – NEVER be afraid to ask someone where they get something done AND usually they’ll get a discount for referring a new client so usually it’s a WIN WIN for both people involved! Right off the bat I was pleased with my choice, Jessica (the girl who does the spray tans) was extremely informative about the steps I should take before coming into get my spray tan done.

Before Getting a Spray Tan (Tips from Jessica
-Have all of your shaving and waxing completed
-Shower right before your appointment
-Have moisturized skin (but NO super fragrant lotions)
-Have dry/clean skin
-Wear dark/loose clothing to your appointment
-Don’t wear a bra or any underwear
-Remove all jewelry before the appointment

I just happened to get lucky enough that the salon was pretty close to Aubrey and I’s apartment. For any of you fellow KC locals it’s called The Beauty Lounge and it’s located in the strip mall on the corner of 135th and Quivera.

The Beauty Lounge is 14 individual suites ranging from hair stylist, make-up artist, spray tans, and everything in between. I saw Jessica in Suite 4 and let me just tell you – I’ve never felt more like a bronze goddess than I do now.


From the second I arrived at the salon I felt comfortable – this is extremely important to me as I stated above. Jessica walked me through everything and explained each step to me beforehand.

She had a changing station in her suite – I got undressed (I prefer to do it completely naked simply because then you have no lines, however it’s whatever you prefer), pulled my hair back, covered it with a hair net, moisturized my hands and feet and slipped on the protective feet pads she provided. (Everything else mentioned above was also provided by Jessica!

Jessica asked me how dark I wanted to be, what the occasion was for my spray tan, how does my skin naturally tan in the sun and if I wanted the normal spray tan or the rapid option. The normal spray tan you have to wait 8-10 hours before showing and the rapid you only have to wait 2-4 – I chose the rapid simply because of my time frame. Took about five minutes to talk through that while I was undressing – once I was finished we began the process.

The process itself took about 10 minutes max, then I had to let my skin dry for about 5 minutes – while I was drying Jessica was explaining to me the aftercare of my spray tan for the best results.

After Care for Your Spray Tan
– Don’t shower for the extended time (differs based on selection)
– Your first shower should be quick rinse off
-No exfoliation in the first shower – only soap and water
-Continue to wear loose/dark clothing
-Avoid exercising or physical activity. Perspiring before the tan fully develops can result in uneven color and streaking.
-Avoid rain and exposure to water. Bring an umbrella for rainy days.
– Pat skin dry with a towel – no rubbing.
-Moisturize your entire body at least twice daily. Products formulated for airbrush tanning can extend the appearance and duration of the tan.
-Avoid hot tubs and chlorine pools.
-The tan does not offer UV protection so it is important to use sunscreen.

The best part was the price – because I chose the rapid the spray tan was $10 more than the normal pricing out at $45 which is still an amazing price especially for a GOOD QUALITY spray tan! If you chose the standard spray tan it’s $35!

So if you’re out there trolling the internet for a good place in KC to get a spray tan – looking for personal experience you’ve found it. I would hands down say that I will be returning to see Jessica at The Beauty Lounge any time I need a spray tan!

Jessica @ The Beauty Lounge
Endless Glow Beauty Website
The Beauty Lounge
12060 W 135th Street
Overland Park, KS 66221
Phone: (913) 324-5014



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