Spicin’ Up Date Night

We all have busy lifes – whether it’s crazy jobs, making time for friends, or squeezing in time for date night it feels like everyone is constantly on the move these days. I’ve always been a firm believer in taking some time to yourself, getting all dolled up and having a fun night on the town.

You could be heading out with the girls for some cocktails/dinner or maybe you’re finally going on a date with your man – whatever the case is my rule of thumb is to always include a pop of color in your outfit. It could be something as small as earrings, lipstick or even a cute clutch.

Since I can remember black has been my go to color, I could wear black head to toe for the rest of my life and probably not even be mad about it – however at some point color is sort a breath of fresh air plus it makes for a fun, sassy outfit that will be turning heads.


Last date night I opted for a simple black dress that I bought for $27.99 at Forever 21 at least 5  years ago with a pair of strappy black heels (also purchased from Forever 21for $24.90). As I was getting ready to head out I passed by the mirror and knew I needed to add just a little something – me being the queen of lipstick headed straight for my lipstick bag.

Ladies, these are the time right here when you can pull out that shade that always seems just a little “too much” on an everyday basis. That lipstick that you always decided agaisnt because you just can’t justify it. For me – that color is Candy Yum-Yum from MAC. I’ve been obsessed with this color for years and it literally just sits in my lipstick bag so I finally decided it was time.

Let me tell you – people love someone that can rock a bright lipstick color in the right setting. Hence “the right setting” – meeting your boyfriends’ friends or family probably isn’t the time to rock out your new favorite purple lipstick shade but a little night on the town and the shade never looked better.


So I NOW I was finally ready for my date night – that is until I walked out to find that it was 50 degrees out in the middle of MAY. That’s right – the middle of May and it was cold. So I just embraced it, what else are you suppose to do in that setting, right?!

I decided why not pull out the faux fur jacket for this little shindig?! Yes, it’s a little over the top BUT who cares – I’m going out with my guy for a fun night out! I’ve had this jacket for a couple of years now, it makes an appearance about once or twice a year but I’m working on debuting it more often!

So next time you you’re getting a little extra dolled up – throw on that bright shade of lipstick, add a little strut to your step and never feel like you can’t rock it, BECAUSE YOU CAN. Not only does it make you feel like a QUEEN, but your man will think he’s died and gone to heaven!

Although I bought this jacket a couple years ago, I have listed a couple different options below that are similar in style and price from the one I purchased – BE BOLD, BUY IT!

Forever 21  – $37.99 ON SALE!
Make Me Chic – $35.99 ON SALE!
Choies – $39.90 ON SALE!



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