Concert Style for Concert Season

The air is warmer and the sun is hotter – meaning one thing SUMMER IS HERE! With summer comes some of my favorite festivities; holiday weekends, lake trips and even better – CONCERTS.

Working in the radio business I’m constantly attending concerts but it’s the summer concerts I enjoy the most. Maybe it’s because summer concerts mean country concerts (MY FAVORITE) or because for the most part summer concerts are held outside. Nothing beats a good outside country concert in the summertime!

If any of our KC followers are reading you’ll know that Y’allapalooza took place last weekend and it was nothing short of AMAZING. – However, the only downfall of summer concerts is attire choices. I mangled through my closet for a good 15-20 minutes before deciding on something appropriate.

I use the term appropriate because with warm weather comes new challenges. Sweat stains, uncomfortable rubbing, and just plain heat stroke – the worst part is managing to look cute all while staying cool, so I wrangled up a few of my tips to help you out throughout the hot summer months.


This season just like last season – off the shoulder tops are big. TAKE ADVANTAGE of this – being able to avoid underarm sweat stains is a huge plus not to mention most off the shoulder top shirts are flowy, allowing airy breezes to pass through versus wearing a tightly fitted top that gives you NO room to breathe.

The only downfall of off the shoulder tops is strapless bras – these can get quite uncomfortable in the heat. A little secret – if you can get away with the “band-aid” bra – DO IT and DO IT proudly!

If you’re not a fan of the off the shoulder tops then my biggest tip to you would be to just make sure you’re wearing something loose and flowy – no one wants to feel hot and sweaty all while fidgeting with a shirt that’s tightly fitted! This could be a tank top, a strapless shirt or even a t-shirt just something that gives you room to breathe.

I would say bottoms are a bit more flexible – I usually opt to wear a comfy cute pair of jean shorts or other frayed shorts. One’s that maybe are too tight but still accentuate my body. This gives you the most “breathing room” so to speak allowing the most skin to be showing as possible.

However, with that being said depending on the time of year if you are attending an evening concert you might have the opportunity to wear some jeans and still be comfortable. For instance, for Y’allapalooza I opted for a comfy pair of white “boyfriend” jeans – these weren’t too tight and still gave me room to be comfortable. Another simple option is a dress.


Sometimes a dress is your best bet – flowy, breezy and comfortable not to mention extremely easy to plan due to the fact that it’s only one article of clothing. A lot of the times a dress is what I choose – it’s simple yet comfortable and still cute. One of my favorite dresses is the off the shoulder dress I posted below. I have worn it with white sneakers, strappy sandals, wedges and cowboy boots AND for various occasions. When you come across an article of clothing like that – DON’T EVER PASS IT UP!


Another big trend that I’ve seen a lot of and have recently hopped on the bandwagon of are the two-piece outfits. These also tend to usually be a good choice – one, because it makes your job easier when choosing an outfit and two because they’re cute and for the most part tend to be made from comfy material that can withstand heat.

These two-piece outfits go hand in hand with rompers – I’m always a big fan of rompers anytime. The only thing I have against said article is in the summer it’s hot and when you have to use the restroom peeling off a romper can sometimes be less than enjoyable. However, if the romper is the correct material and fits comfortably this shouldn’t be a problem – this is more of a preference of mine than anything!

Here is where comfort seriously comes into the play. If you don’t have comfortable shoes on you might as well throw the whole day away. Having your feet be miserable will literally ruin any concert for you, I promise. So when planning out your shoes always keep that in mind.

Depending on the type of concert I’m attending helps me plan the shoes I’m going to wear. I have three go-to pairs that will never fail me – I have my cowboy boots – HOWEVER, if you have never worn cowboy boots or haven’t worn your pair in then I suggest not wearing them for an extended period of time!

I also have my white converse that I wear frequently.These are stable, comfortable and make any outfit cute. The only downfall about these is the color – white obviously gets dirty easily, so keep the concert venue in mind when making your final choice.

The last pair of concert shoes I own are a pair of strappy sandals I purchased from Target about two years ago. We all have that pair of sandals that are just ridiculously comfortable and will never get thrown away – for me these are them! I love these shoes and I’ve worn then some much I’m pretty sure they are molded to my feet! They are brown so can basically go with anything!

Sunglasses, sunglasses, sunglasses – I can’t stress that enough. Most importantly because standing in the sun for a handful of hours can cause some serious damages and protecting your eyes is extremely important. However, this can also be used as a positive for you. Sunglasses can be used as an easy way to accessorize when it comes to dressing for the heat.

Nowadays, sunglasses come in all shapes and sizes, colors and frames. Allowing you to really spice up your outfit. My only tip to you regarding sunglasses is when attending concerts it’s easy for them to get lost/stolen so I tend to opt for a much less expensive pair. That way if you are having a little bit too much fun and end up not making it home with your sunglasses for whatever reason you won’t feel too guilty about it. BUT again, use these for your own benefit – dress up your outfit give it a little sass, maybe wear a pair that lean on the more unique side than your everyday pairs!

As you can see, the common theme here is comfort and breathing room – if your outfit allows you these two things that I would say you should be just fine! When planning to spend a full day in the sun the most important thing is keeping cool and staying comfortable and if you can manage to do that while staying stylish I’d say you’re ready for your next SUMMER CONCERT!



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