I would definitely have to say that summer is my favorite season also going to have say that’s all based on the fact that my birthday happens to fall in July. HOWEVER, I do have a super crush on the fashion that comes along with summer time. One of my favorite fashion pieces of the summer time are swimsuits and for the last couple of seasons swimsuits have really stepped up their game.

I can remember when swimsuits came in only a handful of SOLID colors and about three different styles – one piece, two piece and tankinis – that was literally it. Now we have hundreds of different styles to choose for both tops and bottoms (and praise baby jesus for that because us bigger busted girls needed some serious help).

I used to have a love/hate relationship with swimsuits – I blame this on the fact that cute swimsuits never supported me the way they should so I always felt self-conscious. After some younger years passed – I became a little more educated on fashion and the fashion world became a little more educated on sizes I’ve grown to love swimsuits and I’m always looking for new styles.

I have narrowed it down to a couple of my go-to swimsuits for this season – as you will see there isn’t a trendy one-piece in this arrangement. Don’t take that as me not liking one-pieces because it’s quite the opposite – I was just blessed with a short torso so I haven’t be able to nab a one-piece that I love. HOWEVER, if you’re lucky enough to be able to rock on than props to you, I’m jealous. I’ll be on the lookout for just the right one that I can manage to pull off until then the three below are a couple of my favorite styles.



For years, I never believed I would find a strapless that would hold all of my goodies until I came across this one from Nordstrom. It manages to do the job and do it quite effectively. I think it’s because it’s tight enough around and also incorporates underwire to help support everything quite nicely.

I usually don’t buy matching sets – yet this one I find to feel more complete with both the bottom and the top matching. I like the matching set with this because of the fringe detail on both the top and the bottom.  I found this bargain at Nordstrom on the sale rack for $32.99 TOTAL. I marked that as a W for me.

I’m also a big fan of swimsuit accessories – I’m not the type of person that just walks around in only a swimsuit unless I’m at the lake and have possibly had a few too many vodka infused gummy bears. I’m excited to pair these cute lacy shorts from Victoria Secret with it – wanna know a little secret? These shorts are from the lingerie section and I think they double as a swimsuit coverup quite nicely and I snagged these babies for $19.99.



These two pieces are both from the Victoria Secret PINK Summer line and I’m quite possibly obsessed. Let’s start with the top – the criss-cross bralette feel adds a sexy touch while still covering and supporting you. I also would recommend this style for bigger busted girls simply because it fits identical to a bra the support is identical as well.

I got extremely excited about this top due to the fact that I usually can’t wear bras/swimsuits with this extra little detail because it tends to leave me hanging – literally. Another perk of this top is that the back is razorback – allowing for extra support there. This top comes in a handful of colors – I went with black because I enjoy mixing up my tops and bottoms and black tends to go with everything. Also, I felt that with the straps a color might be a little too over top, drawing too much attention to a spot that doesn’t need any more attention!

As for the bottoms – I don’t even know where to start. When I eyed these in the store I knew I had to have them. First off they’re adorable and sexy and extremely flattering. What more could you ask for? I mean, long days of drinking beer at the lake leaves for a bloated tummy – we’ve all been there so a little extra coverage might do us some good! However, while you might be getting extra coverage you’re still doing it in a way that you feel sexy all at the same time! These bottoms are definitely a WIN WIN!



Last but DEFINITELY not least – the off the shoulder trend. I haven’t seen this as much as I would like but I’m obsessed with this. If you’ve been following me at all you know I have a slight issue with the off the shoulder trend. Meaning – I’m currently completely obsessed with it. So what better way then to incorporate into my swimsuit than with an off the shoulder top!

I snagged this one at Target for $14.99 and never looked back. The only downfall of this one is the color – for me personally I feel as though I’ve got to have a nice summer glow before repping this one at the pool. BUT about halfway through the summer this is for sure going to be the go-to suit.

Surprisingly the bottoms came from Victoria Secret – yet they match flawlessly. I added a little touch with the scallop finish on the bottoms simply because it’s cute with this swimsuit but also spices up a simple solid black top. That is something I always like to keep in mind when buying swimsuits – how else can they be paired with swimsuits I already have?

Clearly I have barely breached the world of swimsuits – with the massive amounts of styles and colors/patterns to choose from these days but I wanted to share a few of my favorite ones and why they’re my favorite.

Can’t wait to take these beauties for a swim!





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