YES to Sugar Daddy…

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Always say yes to Sugar Daddy – and by Sugar Daddy I’m referring to the Essie Nail Polish color that I’m obsessed with. Every time I go to the salon I intend to try something new – something bold BUT somehow I always end up with the same color schemes. I’m just happy to hear that after many years of the same colors – they’ve finally become “trendy”.

While there are a million nail trends every season I decided to pick my top three and let you in on why I chose these particular trends. Let’s start with the brand I love – Essie. I know that’s a basic move but it’s the nail polish that works best for me and TRUST me when I say I’ve literally tried every brand and Essie sticks… literally.

Whether I’m doing a regular manicure or a shellac manicure Essie is the brand for me and OPI comes in a close second. Another thing I love about Essie is while their bottles tend to be on the pricier side I feel as though I’m getting my moneys worth when my manicure lasts 2-4 weeks (depending on the type of manicure) and they have a MILLION colors.


Light Pinks

First and foremost – light pinks. You literally can never go wrong with a light pink. It’s classy, stylish and goes with about everything. The only problem with light pink is finding the right tone for your skin and nails – depending on how transparent you want the color to appear on your nails.

One of my favorite colors is Sugar Daddy by Essie. It’s a perfect balance between white and pink without leaning more towards one color. It also only takes about two coats to show up with no streaks. I love this due to the fact that once a third coat is applied to my nails it’s like an instant chip is waiting to happen.

I tend to go with this color any time I’m in a wedding – simply due to the fact that bride’s can sometimes be picky and this is a classic neutral wedding color. Also, this is usually the first spring color I get on my nails right around end of February beginning of March when I’m itching for some pink but can’t be too springy without people looking at me funny.

The best part is light pink is extremely popular right now – for very obvious reasons. So next time you’re in the salon getting a manicure look for Sugar Daddy – and let me tell you that name will never slip your mind (another reason I love Essie – the names are pure gold).



Next on my list are shades of grey. No not 50 shades of Grey although Essie probably has 50 different shades – I’m talking about my new favorite trend. All the different grays we are seeing in nail polishes and how accepting we are being EVEN in the spring/summer time.

I’ve been obsessed with the color grey for nail polish for a while now and I LOVE that everyone else is coming around as well. While both of these colors don’t look very grey i in this picture I can reassure you they are – they both just have a different tint.

“Merino Cool” is the purplish grey on the left. This is one of my favs because I love grey but on your nails this has a bit of a purple tint depending on the light. The one of the right is called “Chinchilly” and while the picture depicts a green tint I would have to say it paints on with more of a natural grey.

Both of these colors are another great “natural” look. I think grey is becoming so popular because while it’s dark – it’s a great substitute for black which was trendy for a while when Lauren Conrad rocked the black nails and made black cool. Love ya LC.


Splash of Color

Last BUT certainly not least is adding a splash of color – this is where is gets really fun. Essie has so many great colors and their bright colors never fail to leave you feeling bold and brave. The one listed above is called “Turquoise and Caicos”. It’s the perfect bold/brave for beginners.

While the color might look a little intimidating it actually paints on a little lighter and a little less bold while still providing you with that splash of color. When I’m feeling a little summery but not quite neon colors this is the color I tend to lean towards.

Now if I’m feeling extra bold and courageous – one of my all time favorite colors is “Bikini So Teeny” – it is seriously the most perfect strong baby blue/ocean blue that you could ever dream up. In fact – next week I might just have to go with that because it’s just absolutely perfect.

I think it’s safe to say that for spring and especially for summer adding a splash of color with a bright/bold nail polish will never go out of style – it’s a way to add a little something personal without going too crazy!

PS. For any of you Kansas City locals out south I recommend “essnails” on 151st and Blackbob. I drive 45 minutes just to get my nails done by them and I’ve been going to them since high school and they’ve never let me down – they’re perfect!

Signing off –



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