It’s not GOODBYE – it’s SEE YOU SOON!

Sometimes life gets crazy and there is nothing you can do about it besides hold on tight. Currently I’m holding on for dear life – the past couple of months have been some of the craziest. From new jobs – to new relationships and everything in between life has become pretty hectic.

Five months ago – Aubrey and I finally decided to take the pledge to start this amazing blog – something we both loved doing and we were surprisingly greeted with an outpour of positive feedback. This blog has become something special that Aubrey and I share with you guys. With that being said I want you to always feel as though I’m providing you with my best work – 100% and lately I haven’t felt that to be the case.

I’ve gotten caught up with a million different things lately and have been pushing my blogging responsibilities to the back burner – which is not how I wanted it to be. I want to come back guns blazing with new material and ideas to share with you and until I have everything else sorted out, I’m just not sure that’s possible.

This blog holds such a special place in my heart – so for all the amazing people that have been following us since the beginning of this journey – thank you and I hope you’ll stick beside Aubrey and I. We promise you won’t be disappointed.

As for Aubrey – I ‘ve said this before and I’ll say it again. Find someone like Aubrey. Someone who gets you and knows you better than you know yourself. Someone who understands when you need some help with things and knows exactly how to help you. I can’t thank her enough.

So for now, I’m letting Aubrey take the reigns because I’m confident you guys won’t be disappointed. Next time y’all hear from me I’ll be blogging from the beautiful state of North Carolina and I can’t wait to share all that is the south with you beautiful people.

I couldn’t be more excited for the upcoming opportunities that are headed my direction – some of which will only benefit the blog and all of our amazing followers.

I truly hope you all will understand because I’m already counting down the days until I’ll be back and better than ever – ready to share all things fashion and beauty.

Until then I’m signing off –



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