Birthday Cake Protein Balls

If you know me at all, you know I’d eat concrete if there was a “birthday cake” flavor. That being said, these protein balls have quickly made their way to the top of my “favorite recipes” list lately!

These protein balls are a spinoff of the recipe I shared here. I typically stick to this recipe as a base and switch up the dried fruit and protein depending on what I have on hand/want to use. This recipe is fool proof and it can be made in under 5 minutes!

The best part of these specific balls though, is that they’re made with one of my all time favorite protein powders, which just so happens to be birthday cake cupcake! It is seriously to. die. for. You can order it here! Regardless of if you use it for these protein balls or not, you can also use it for pancakes, shakes, etc., It’s amazing in everything.


This is where the recipe gets tough – just kidding. All you have to do is mix everything together! There’s no order or specific way to do it, just mix until combined! Once everything is thoroughly combined, roll into balls, or cheat (like me) and use a cookie dough scoop! My mom taught me this and it is one of the greatest protein ball hacks. No messy hands, and you get the perfect sized ball without having to roll them! The recipe should make around 18 balls total!

  • 11g carbs
  • 3g fat
  • 6g protein


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