Reflecting On October’s Fitness Goal

At the beginning of October, I posted a picture on Instagram stating that my October fitness goal would be to run two miles, for 25 days of October. I never imagined how many people would be encouraging me on this month long October journey of mine! Each day I posted about my two miles, and every single day I got words of encouragement, pictures of people running their own two miles, or even people asking if I had done my two miles on the five days I took off. Talk about being held accountable!

A couple of people asked me to post about my thoughts on my goal and how it affected me. I was gathering these thoughts along the way myself, so this was the perfect excuse to blog about them to share my pros and cons with you!

  • Accountability.
    • I was held accountable by my friends and followers throughout every day of this month. I loved knowing that my goal was public, aka: people would notice if I ran or not! I also loved the fact that someone else seeing my 2.0 mile Insta stories, encouraged them to run their own 2.0 for the day. This encouraged me to get my butt to the gym to get my miles in, even when I wasn’t feeling it.
  • No excuses.
    • It’s a well known fact that I don’t love cardio. I never have and I never will, and that’s okay. If you love cardio, you’re either lying or there might be something wrong with you. Just kidding. Kind of. That being said, before this month, I had no problem skipping cardio here and there, just because I always have a hard time deciding what I should/want to do as far as cardio goes. Knowing I had to do my two miles gave me no choice but to hop on the treadmill the minute I got to the gym. It completely took the guess work out of cardio, which sometimes is half the battle.
  • Goal Driven.
    • I’ve worked out consistently for over 5 years, so going to the gym pure habit for me. I don’t have to muster up a lot of motivation most days because I know that it’s just part of my day; there’s no “if”, it’s just “when”. However after a while, I find myself going through the motions without necessarily having a passion for what I’m doing. This month was different. I was so motivated by having a specific goal that I actually felt like I was accomplishing something every time I stepped in the gym. I wasn’t just going through the motions; I had something to work for and it was and it was the best feeling!
  • It pushed me.
    • Like I mentioned before, I am not a runner, by any stretch. I trained for a half marathon a couple of years ago but was forced to quit because of a hairline fracture in my tibia. Since then, I have not run anywhere close to 9 miles. While 2 miles a day isn’t close to 9, it’s closer than 0! At the beginning of October, I couldn’t finish a mile without stopping. On the last day of October, I ran two miles with no breaks – progress!
  • Bigger Goals.
    • My two miles a day made me want to set bigger running goals for myself in the future. Maybe 3 miles a day for a month, maybe a half marathon, who knows?! It definitely lit somewhat of a fire under me as far as running is concerned and I haven’t had that sort of running motivation in forever.
  • No physical change.
    • When working towards a goal, especially a fitness centered goal, it’s easy to want to see a physical change. That’s typically why most people work out, right? I totally get that, and while I’d love to say I saw a huge physical difference in my appearance after this month, I didn’t. Two miles a day equated to about 20-25 minutes of cardio before my strength training workouts each day, which is exactly what I had been doing before I started this month’s goal. So because it wasn’t an increase in cardio, there was no change to my physical appearance. Which is a great lesson learned for me. Do I see a physical difference in my body? No. But I do know that my heart is in better physical shape just based on the progress I made in my times and in my ability to run without stopping. Heart health is a whole lot more important to me than anything I could’ve seen on the outside!
  • I missed other cardio machines!
    • Having to run every day as my cardio made me miss some of my old cardio routines! It will be a little while before I step back on the treadmill as my cardio for the day. Not because I didn’t enjoy this month on the treadmill, but I actually started missing the Stairmaster! Something I never thought I’d say! But on a real note, doing something for a month straight does start to get mundane after a while. I have a newfound love for the Stairmaster and that’s exciting to me! A negative turned positive.
  • Two A Days
    • Because I became an ambassador for CityShape this month, that meant I was attending more fitness classes than usual. So because I was away from Planet Fitness at least once a week, I had to go and do my two miles before my classes, which meant I was technically working out twice in one day. I never considered my two miles my entire workout, it was more of a warm up, but it definitely wasn’t the most convenient goal during a month when I was away from my home gym quite a few times!
November Goal

While this month’s goal might not seem nearly as challenging as October’s, I’m trying not to set myself up for failure! There is something to be said for setting your sights high with a lofty goal, however I’m also trying to be realistic. I know for a fact I will be traveling this month, celebrating the holidays with my family, taking 5 more CityShape classes, and I know my workout routine won’t be nearly as rigid as it is in other months. Which is 100% okay with me. However, I wanted a goal that would push me, but it would be something I could do, regardless of where I am! That being said, I decided to do a month long plank challenge.

As cheesy as I used to think these were, it’s actually something I’ve wanted to do for a while now! I will post the plank challenge below, so feel free to join me! It’s something that obviously doesn’t have to be done at a gym, so anyone can do it! The other part of my reasoning behind this goal, was because my core area is the last thing I ever focus on. I tend to rely on strength training and hitting my macros to do most of my core work for me, so I’m hoping to see a little bit of change with the extra attention!

30 Day Plank Challenge


I hope you had a great Halloween, indulged in some candy, and are now ready to hit your November goals! Comment and let me know what your goals are!



2 thoughts on “Reflecting On October’s Fitness Goal

  1. Love this story of your fitness journey over the last month. It’s so true that we can get caught up in the routine that we don’t push ourselves but just “go through the motions” as you said. Keep setting goals and keep up the good work. It’s great to encourage others and at the same time be encouraged.


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