Top 10 On-The-Go Snacks!

I feel like I am on the go 99.99% of the time. I am a busy bee and I love it that way. During slower weeks, I find myself looking for things to keep me busy, and this usually results in me spending money online shopping. So for me, staying busy is a good thing for more reasons than one!

While I love being busy, it also means I have to be more prepared than the average person. I spend a lot of time on the weekend meal prepping my meals and snacks so that I am fully stocked with healthy options when I’m not at home in my own kitchen. However, in addition to preparing meals and snacks, I am always stocked up on items that I can quickly throw in my bag when I leave for school in the morning, keep in my car, or snacks that require no prep work.

I get lots and lots of questions on my favorite snacks and things I like to eat on the go. Life is hectic no matter who you are, so being stocked up on some staple snack items is key to staying on track! Here are my favorites!

Top 10 Healthy Snack Picks:
  • Perfect Bar Minis/Perfect Bars
    • These keep me full for a long, long time. They’re full of protein and they’re made with good for you ingredients!

perfect bars

  • RX Bars
    • These are my favorite! They’re made with minimal ingredients and the kid’s version are perfect for a pre-workout snack!

RX bars

  • Individual hummus conatiners
    • Pack these with your favorite veggie: carrots, celery, broccoli, you name it. The easiest way to getting one extra serving of veggies in is to pack them as a quick snack!


  • 100 calorie nut packs
    • I love these! Healthy fats keep you full, so a serving of nuts is a great way to curb hunger during the day! These come in tons of fun flavors! Dill pickle cashews take the cake for me.


  • Turkey jerky
    • Turkey jerky is jam packed with protein and always satisfies my ever present craving for something salty!


  • String cheese
    • I don’t eat string cheese any more because of my dairy intolerance (I eat yogurt fairly regularly but that’s it!) but these used to be my favorite snack. They’re full of protein and they’re so easy to grab and go!


  • Travel packets of nut butter
    • These aren’t typically meant to be eaten on their own, however I wont’ say that I’ve never done that … but perfect to pair with a banana or a sliced apple!


  • Siggis yogurt
    • Yogurt is also packed full of protein and Siggi’s takes the cake for keeping me full the longest. These come in so many great flavors! I highly recommend the triple cream if you’re looking for something a little more indulgent.


  • Hard boiled egg
    • Eggs are full of healthy fat as well as protein. Obviously they have to be kept cold but I eat one on the way to work every single day!


  • Mama Lupe’s Low Carb Tortillas (these can also be found at Target, Walmart, and SAM’s club)
    • I am obsessed with these! I go through at least a pack per week, if not more. These are so versatile, you can fill them with anything you want! I use them for pb&j roll ups, turkey roll ups, whatever I have on hand. They’re low carb, but they’re amazing and super easy to throw in a ziplock to take with you!



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