Friday Faves #1

I asked you this week if you’d like me to start sharing my “Friday faves”. I was pretty brief in describing what this series would be, and that’s because I’m not exactly certain myself! Which is sometimes how the best content comes to be!

However, there are a few reasons I wanted to start this series. I asked for blog post ideas a couple of weeks ago, and so many of you said you wanted to see more “lifestyle” related content, which makes me so happy! Most of what you see on IG and the blog revolves around food and fitness, but there are definitely other aspects of my life that I’d love to share with you, and this is a great outlet for that! I also have quite a bit of messages that revolve around hair care, skincare, favorite athleisure, etc. So this series is a great way for me to showcase some of that as well!

For the most part, this series will highlight products. If I’m taking the time to share products with you, I want them to be accessible to you, so I will do my best to make sure everything is shoppable by linking products or telling you exactly where to get that specific item!

Friday Faves #1:

Loreal Primer

  • This primer has been a holy grail makeup product for me since college. I never used to be a big believer in primers, but this one is a game changer. It lengthens and thickens your lashes, it amplifies your mascara, as well as it conditions your lashes. I use this on my top and bottom lashes and it makes all the difference in the world. Amazon sells it for the best price of anywhere I’ve ever seen, less than $5 a bottle and worth every penny!

Zella 24 Seven Shirt

  • Here’s a little secret for you guys: some of my all time favorite workout gear has come from the Nordstrom Rack clearance section. I’m always browsing through this section of their website because I’m a sucker for Zella, but I’m not always willing to pay the full price. I am in LOVE with this tee. I have the Lulu version (swiftly tech) but I like this one even better, and its a freaking steal for $13! It’s light, breathable, and perfect for summer. I got it in two colors!

Stok Cold Brew

  • If you follow me on IG,  you know how obsessed I am with this new cold brew find! I honestly think this tops the Starbucks cold brew that I’ve been buying for years, and it’s cheaper! Make sure to get the unsweet version if you don’t want all the added carbs and sugar! I’ve been drinking this every morning with 1 scoop of collagen + a splash of Fairlife chocolate milk + a dash of stevia! Delish! Here’s an inside tip for you: if you happen to live near a Hyvee grocery store with a Hyvee gas station, they have it on tap there! You’re welcome.

Dave’s Killer Bread: Blueberry Bagels

  • You guys, they’re 100% everything they’re cracked up to be. I’m bagel obsessed as it is, so the fact that these are decently healthy is a dream come true for me. I’ve tried all of the bagel flavors and this takes the cake, by a long shot. As if it weren’t blueberry-y enough, I topped mine with some Melanie’s Medleys blueberry cream cheese. Heaven in bagel form. You can check their website to find Dave’s Killer bagels near you!


  • This might seem like a silly Friday fave, and I so wish I could “link” it for anyone who hasn’t experienced this amazing spring weather yet, but dang I am so thankful! I don’t know that I’ve ever been this excited for warm weather before. Winter has seemed never ending here in KC so I am more than ready for the heat after this first taste of spring this week! For me, weather is an instant mood booster. I am so much happier when I can walk out of work and the sun is shining and it’s 60+ degrees outside! This girl is ready for lake season!

Thanks for reading yall! I hope you enjoyed the first edition of “Friday faves”! I hope you have the best weekend, and no matter where you are, hopefully some warm weather is headed your way!



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