As most of you have probably noticed by now, I am no longer doing my own strength training workouts at the gym. I have gone back to doing Kayla Itsines BBG guide (BBG stands for bikini body guide for those of you who aren’t familiar with the program). There are a couple of different reasons for that, and I wanted to explain my thought process in deciding to make the switch!

To be completely honest one of the biggest reasons for going back to BBG was the fact that I needed a goal. When you’ve been working out consistently for almost 8 years, it’s really hard to continue to stay motivated without changing things up every once in a while. Don’t get me wrong, I still love to strength train, lift weights, and use machines. However, I’ve been in the same exact routine for almost 4 years now, and I have noticed my passion for it start to dim ever so slightly these past few months.

On top of that, when I had foot surgery back in March, I was out of the gym for almost a month. I did light cardio here and there, but I pushed myself and definitely had a couple of setbacks that kept me out of the gym longer than I ever anticipated. I am all for taking breaks from the gym; weekends, vacations, days off here and there, absolutely. However being gone for a month after not taking longer than two days a week off in over a year, is a lot. That being sad, getting back into a routine was really, really tough.

I also didn’t feel 100% like myself shortly after my surgery. I lost some strength, I didn’t have full range of motion yet, and I didn’t feel like I could modify things very well. So on top of being unmotivated, I was getting caught up in being discouraged because of my physical limitations as well.

It’s not like me to feel down on myself about the gym. The gym/working out is my happy place. It is truly my “me” time for the day. Yes there are times that I’m unmotivated, but I always leave the gym with an endorphin high and a clear head. But after my surgery, I just wasn’t feeling that way. That’s when I knew something needed to change.

What I have learned from working out for so many years now, is that if you don’t enjoy what you’re doing, you will not continue to do it. So, I decided I needed something new; something that would kind of give me a fresh start and light my fire again. Which is when I decided on BBG. Now that you have a little background, I’m going to answer a few questions I’ve gotten lately!

What the heck is BBG?

BBG is essentially a form of circuit training. It’s two circuits, each circuit is seven minutes. You do each circuit twice, so your workout is 28 minutes in total. In each circuit, you do four different moves. You get through the four moves as many times as you can in seven minutes. So, here’s kind of how it’s laid out:

  • circuit one – 7 minutes
  • circuit two – 7 minutes
  • circuit one – 7 minutes
  • circuit two – 7 minutes

An example looks like this:


Where can I get BBG?

The mobile version of BBG is available for purchase in the app store. I recommend this version if you’re first starting out. The app helps keep you organized, has a built in timer for you, and is all around just easier for a beginner. You can also buy a PDF version, which is what I have. You can purchase the PDF version here. You can either download this an an iBook for your phone, or print out a hard copy!

Why did you pick BBG?
  • I have done BBG twice before, two entire rounds of the 12 week program about two years ago. I was extremely impressed with my results after the first two rounds, and I knew it was something I could stick to.
  • The program is easy to modify! Because of my foot surgery there are still things I have to be careful of, but you are able to modify all of the moves in the guide if needed.
  • It’s quick – every single person has 28 minutes in their day to dedicate to working out. Doing BBG eliminates all forms of excuses due to lack of time for me, which is what I need.
  • You can do it anywhere!
How long does it take?

BBG takes 28 minutes total, which I think is 90% of the reason people love it, including myself. EVERYONE has time for a 28 minute workout, I don’t care who you are! I even follow a ton of new mom bloggers on IG who do BBG. If someone with a newborn can do it, I can do it!

Where do you do it?

Right now I do BBG in my home gym in the basement. We have a couple of sets of weights, and a padded floor, but it’s nothing fancy. I can assure you that you’ll have everything you need at home to do these workouts! My very first round, I just used household items as weights. Ie: a gallon of bleach for a medicine ball, coffee table for step ups (hopefully my mom isn’t reading this) etc.

That being said, I do know people who have to go to the gym to work out. Whether it be because they live in a small apartment or because it helps them to get out of their house to get a workout done, rest assured you can do these workouts anywhere, including the gym!

It’s so hard, does it get easier?

I got this question more than any question! Unfortunately, I’m on my third round and I still don’t think it gets any easier. I’m still dripping with sweat after every workout. However, each time I’ve compelted a round, I’ve noticed substanial gains in my strength. At the very beginning of BBG, I could hardly do a push up, and by the end of the first round, I was doing them all! You will start to notice things like that really quickly, and that’s the most rewarding part!

I will also say that although it’s hard, it pushes me, and that’s what I love about it. I am not always pushing myself 110% when I’m at the gym. I have my phone with me, and usually Taylor, and I end up scrolling around on Instagram, talking to him, etc., when I should be working out and really pushing myself. I do BBG alone, I blast music, I can’t have my phone, and I get really into a zone when I’m doing it. So I appreciate it for how difficult it is, because I have a hard time challenging myself like this challenges me!

Did you notice a major physical change?

The first round, I definitely did. I took before and after pictures (highly recommend) and I was really impressed with how much my body had changed. I didn’t quite notice as much of a difference between the beginning and end of round two, but I wasn’t quite as dedicated to it as I was round one. I also think by round two, the physical changes just aren’t quite as drastic. However, like I said before, you will start to notice changes in your strength before you notice aesthetic changes, which is just as exciting to me.

DId you follow the kayla meal plan?

I do not follow the BBG meal plan. It’s strictly personal preference. I know people who have followed it to a T and really think that makes a big difference. I counted macros throughout both rounds, and will continue through this round, but that’s just what works for me! I think her plan is a great baseline if you’re just starting out/new to following an eating plan of any kind.

What does your weekly workout routine look like now that you’re doing Kayla?

I do BBG three days a week, and cardio three days a week, then I take one day off! So my schedule typically looks like this:

  • Monday: BBG legs
  • Tuesday: 40 minutes of cardio (usually stairmaster)
  • Wednesday: BBG arms & abs
  • Thursday: 40 minutes cardio (usually stairmaster)
  • Friday: BBG full body
  • Saturday: 40 minutes of cardio (cityshape class)
  • Sunday: rest day

If you have any other questions, feel free to let me know! I’d be happy to answer them the best that I can! Thanks for reading!




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