Cookie Skillet Bars

I’ve made @RachaelsGoodEats cookie skillet no less than 15 times at this point. It never ever disappoints, but I found myself wanting to make this last night regardless of the fact that I didn’t have the proper ingredients. I decided to see what I could throw together with what I had, and it ended up being just as great as the original, just with a whole lot less sugar. Win win!

I swapped the maple syrup in this recipe for sugar free syrup because that’s all I had, but this is also what helps cut down on the sugar. I also added an additional tablespoon of Swerve (if you click that link, it’ll take you to a page where you can find Swerve near you – I bake with it ALL the time!), which is a sugar replacement. You can definitely make this recipe without Swerve, it just may not be as sweet, especially if you use sugar free syrup! If you use regular syrup, you probably won’t notice a difference!

In Rachael’s recipe, she uses a cast iron skillet. If you have one, I recommend using that. However I lost mine when I moved a couple of months ago, so I just used an 8×8 baking dish and that worked just fine. Use whatever you have, just know your baking time will vary somewhat!

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