Lulu Dupe Roundup

Y’all are Lulu CRAY, is all I have to say.

I cannot believe the number of messages I’ve received over the last week due to the sheer number of you getting your Lulu dupes in the mail and dying over them. Nothing is more gratifying than to know that you guys trust me enough to spend hard earned money on an item of clothing I’ve shared with you, and are then so excited about it that you take the time out of your day to message me. I appreciate every single message, and every single one of you who takes the time to shop through my links, share them with friends, etc.

All I can say is, this stuff is AMAZING. Like so amazing I’m 100% convinced it’s made with Lulu fabric, just with a different symbol. You guys know that I don’t spend tons of money on clothes, meaning I would never want you to spend your money on something I didn’t stand behind, so trust me when I say, this stuff is the real deal.

I will preface by saying I have not tried EVERY single item of this clothing on. I have almost all of it ordered, but my main concern was making sure I got this post up before all of the items sell out. I will definitely share as I get the items in. I can’t help but think we’ve started a movement here, because none of these item were marked “low stock” until early this week!

What I Wear (Sizing)
  • Tops: 8 in Lulu, M in Amazon
  • Bottoms: 6 in Lulu, S in Amazon
  • Sports Bras: 8 in Lulu, L in Amazon
  • Jacket: 10 in Lulu, L in Amazon

Split Tank

Tie Back Tank

Compression Built In Bra Cami

Compression Racerback Tank

Long Sleeve Shirt


Naked Feeling High Rise 7/8 Tight w/ Pockets  

Naked Feeling High Rise Tight Without Pocket

Lightweight Drawstring Jogger

Naked Feeling High Rise Crop

Sports Bras

Light Support Cross Back (A/B cups recommended)

Medium Support Strappy Back (C/D cups recommended)


Sports Define Jacket Slim Fit

Sports Define Jacket Slim Fit